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User Manual for Speak ACCESS

Introduction to the User Manual

We get that learning something new takes time and practice so we have gone the extra mile to provide tools to make it as easy as possible. In addition to the built-in help feature, we produced this manual, which can be read out loud by the program, otherwise known as ‘Lady A’. It provides a more detailed version of the Help Feature with descriptions and how to use the menus to get what needs doing done. If you still need help then join Christopher Mutch, the primary developer, when he goes live on Facebook where people can ask questions in real time.

Now, let’s get started on that pesky learning process.

The menu below is a duplicate of the Main Menu in the Speak ACCESS program. Everything leads from there. Saying the Menu title take you to the that menu which is made up of commands and/or other menus.

To navigate the User Manual, click on a menu title to go to another page in the same window. Each page will have what commands are available along with an explanation and any instructions.

Get learning and have fun, or at least a chuckle, along the way!!

Lady A: Main Menu is loaded. There are 6 items in the list.

Main Menu
This is where the description of a menu can be seen when the number  is said but Lady A will read it out loud as well.

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