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Speak ACCESS Updated Menu

ACCESS: What would you like to do?
In this and all other menus, select a task by saying the words. Get a description by saying the number.

  1. Navigate the Internet
  2. Write an Email
  3. Write a Document
  4. Navigate My Computer
  5. Need to Know Commands
  6. Keyboard Commands
  7. Narrator Commands

ACCESS: You are in the Internet Menu.

  1. Navigate the Browser
    (Browser Command)
    Browser Navigation Commands)
    (Primary Commands)
  2. Open Browser Tools
    (Browser Folders)
  3. Navigate a Web Page
    (Browser Key Commands)
    (Browser Read - currently not in program)

    (Browser Form Commands)

ACCESS: You are in the Email Menu.

  1. Navigate the Email Program
    (Folder Commands)
  2. Start a New Email or Send Reply
    (Mail New Commands)
    (Mail Organization Commands)

ACCESS: You are in the Document Menu.

  1. Edit Commands
  2. File Commands

ACCESS: You are in Computer Navigation.

  1. Settings
    (Couldn’t find a command in the left column for settings.
  2. Navigation
    (Window Common Commands)
    (Desktop Commands)
  3. Manage Files
    (Couldn’t find a specific command to open Windows Explorer; done thru the task bar?)

ACCESS: Important commands to know to effectively use my program.

  1. Navigating Menus
    (Menu Commands)
  2. Volume Commands

ACCESS: You are in the Keyboard Commands Menu.

  1. Navigation Keys
  2. Function Keys
  3. Control Keys
  4. Navigation Keys

ACCESS: You are in the Narrator Commands Menu.

  1. Keyboard Commands
  2. Voice Commands
  3. Read Commands