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Speak ACCESS - Our Story

What started as an idea in 2017 to develop better software for people who are blind or visually impaired has evolved to be something far more inclusive. With the addition of a visual component, Speak ACCESS will serve the needs of anyone who is limited in their ability to use a computer, whether that is not being able to see, use their hands, or are challenged by a disorder such as dyslexia.

The Partners

Christopher Mutch - Chainsaw Carver to Software Developer

Sometimes life can take a sharp left turn. For Christopher that was becoming friends with a man who has been blind from birth. In turn, that happenstance provided the opportunity for him explore the world of the blind. Seeing first-hand the high-cost and limited technology available, it didn't take long for Christopher to conclude that, "There has to be a better way."

It took learning all he could about the current technology and the challenges the blind and visually impaired face every day trying to function in a digital world, particularly in a work environment. The next step was teaching himself how to write code in order to address those challenges.

In 2019 he added a sighted component that greatly expands accessibility to a larger group of people, including people with hand mobility issues and dyslexia.

Norah LeClare - Finance and Business Development

In addition to providing financial support, Norah LeClare (link opens in a new window or tab) has put to good use the skills gained from over 40 years of being in business. Norah designed the website and logo, created the Facebook page, looks after financial matters, and helps with the programming when and where needed.

Christopher and Norah talk daily about the program; what’s been learned and what still needs to be done. Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

It has taken three years of hard work but Christopher is finally at the testing stage using a phone app so people can hear ACCESS in real time.

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