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New, innovative and affordable are words that get thrown around a lot by marketers trying to sell you something. Well, here at Speak ACCESS those words really mean something. It has taken three years of hard work, but the end product truly is new and innovative accessibility software that is affordable for both individuals and organizations.

Speak ACCESS is hands-free so it can be used with or without a keyboard.

Voice-activated commands enable you to navigate your computer and change the settings; write text; or surf the Internet with built-in NVDA commands..

ACCESS will read back what you’ve said whether it’s a sentence, a phrase, or even a word, and then provide options to correct it.

The built-in help feature and lessons make the learning curve as easy as possible.


After the seven-day free trial we are offering the program at the low introductory price of $150 USD, a 25% savings off the regular price of $200 per copy.

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